Dog Control Orders

How do Dog Exclusion Orders work?

Dog Control Orders create an offence for a person in charge of a dog to take the dog onto or permit the dog to enter or to remain on any land to which an order applies (unless on an adopted highway or public footpath, which are specifically excluded in law)  for maps of the affected areas, see below.

School grounds are covered by a total ban, and dogs will not be allowed onto school grounds (exemptions apply for Assistance dogs etc. and for community events such as fetes and shows, dog obedience classes and school learning events.) 

The order will apply to the fenced area around the school only - separate playing fields will be covered by the sports pitch ban, which is only in place for sports pitches that are in use.

Children’s Play areas are covered by a ban on designated play areas only  where the play area is fenced in, the entire fenced area will be covered otherwise, it will be the area around and between any play equipment.

Sports pitches just marked out sports pitches that are in use are affected, dogs are allowed around the playing pitches, and on old unmarked sports pitch areas that are no longer in formal use.

The Lapwing breeding area at Garn Lakes just the marked breeding area is affected, when the birds are on the ground with their nests (1st March - 14 July).

There are some exemptions for guide dogs and other trained assistance dogs. There are also exemptions where 

  • A person has reasonable excuse for taking a dog into an excluded area, for example a Police dog, or
  • A person has permission to take their dog into an excluded area,  this means that landowners such as schools can give permission for dogs to enter the grounds for community shows or to take part in lessons, or the council can give permission for dog obedience classes on a sports field, for example.
  • Marked rights of way - we can't ban dogs from public footpaths  

Maps showing the affected areas

The Exclusion (bans) apply only to the areas covered in the consultation process shown on the ward maps.

The red areas show school sites - there is a total ban on existing school sites, but only the fenced areas around the schools themselves. Separate school playing fields will only be covered by the ban where they are marked out and in use.

The blue areas show parks and other open spaces where there may be sports pitches or children’s play areas affected by the bans note - the entire area is NOT banned, dogs are free to run around any areas that are not designated play areas, sports pitches or the lapwing breeding area)

dog exclusion1

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